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Top tips to help you stay safe Online
1. Never disclose your full Global Key Code, Password or Passcode to anyone over the phone, by text or via
email, even a caller claiming to be from your bank or the police.
2. Never disclose your card reader codes to anyone.
3. Never transfer money from your account after being instructed to do so, even if that person claims to work
for the bank or the police.
4. Never allow remote access to your computer or log onto Online Banking whilst sharing your screen when
someone calls unexpectedly even if you are being asked by companies you trust, like your internet provider.
5. Never assume that a phone call is genuine, regardless of the number displayed and especially if you aren't
expecting the call. Always check the number of the caller via a trusted source and call back.

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WARNING: Thinking of investing in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies?

Here`s what you should know:

If you`ve been contracted by a `trader` promising big profits and offering to help you invest in cryptocurrency, this is a scam.

Always have control of your cryptocurrency wallet. If you didn't set the wallet up yourself or can`t access the money in the wallet, this is a scam. You should stop making payments immediately.

Many cryptocurrency sellers are not registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Always use a firm that is on the Registered or Temporarily Registered FCA lists which can be found on the FCA website.

If you ignore the above advice you could lose all of your money.

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